Christine Sinclair has done it again!

Did she really deserve it you ask?  Did she play hard for this award?  Twenty nine-year old, Christine Sinclair has actually won the  2012 Lou Marsh award.

Some of the things she had done at the starting of her career, is she was born in Burnaby, British Columbia on June 12, 1983.  Her full name is Christine Margaret Sinclair. The position she plays in soccer or football is forward. She is the niece of Brian Gant that had played for the Canadian National Soccer Team in his time.  Christine had played soccer and baseball when she was small.  Her first year in the University of Portland she scored 23 goals and 8 assist.  That year she was named Freshman of the Year by Soccer America magazine.

She is currently the captain of the Canadian national soccer team.

She is the only soccer player to ever in history to  take the ancient 76-year-old trophy home(Lou Marsh) .  She has also won other awards like the NCAA women’s athlete of the year in the year of 2006 in her senior year at the University of Portland.  She has played on teams in three FIFA Women World cups  USA 2003, China 2007, and Germany in 2011.  She also was in  two Olympics which were in Beijing 2008 and London 2012.  Also  she has been nominated for the FIFA’s world player six times!  She was also the flag bearer for Canada in the Olympics of London.

People should care because some people like Christine which have accomplished this by just the age of 29, not lot’s of athletes of any sports will ever get an award.  She has done this with lot’s of hard work and determination.

Do I think she has earned where she is in her career and deserves to get this award?  Yes of course she had led the Canadian team to bronze in the Olympics!  Look at how many awards she has got and earned she has led teams to championships!  She has also worked very hard to get where she is in her career also.  She is one of the best athletes I have ever seen and she defiantly worked and deserved this trophy.


Factory Fire in Bangladesh Killing 112!

Do you have by any chance have Wal-Mart shorts or hoodies that have “Disney Pixar” on them? well they might have been from a factory in Bangladesh that has killed and 150 injured in a fire.

The date of this horrible tragedy was  Wednesday, November 25.  This factory was in Savar, Bangladesh.  The workers that were on the ninth floor the highest  of the factory had jumped from the that floor in result of some of the deaths from there not the fire.

Wal-Mart had known this factory was high risks in safety and to stop doing business with Tazreen.  But a supplier kept with them unauthorized.  A petition was formed by SomeOf to make Wal-Mart join other retailers  in a fire safety program for suppliers in Bangladesh.
Since 2006 more than 300 people have died in clothing factories across the country  Bangladesh!

The workers that have survived the fire were protesting about the deaths of their friends that were alive.  Most of the people involved in this like the interior prime minister Mohuidden Khan Alamgir says they have come to a conclusion that this was an act of sabotage.

People should care because you need to know who has the best jobs and who has the poorest and in this case who has the safest.

My opinions are that this was not an important matter 112 people were killed and that is a lot of people to die.  Lot’s of people should know about this even if it was half way around the world.  People should know if this work place is dangerous where ever they will have to go.  We should also no he is we point a finger at for these deaths.  Wal-Mart should also know what there retailers are doing at all times and also no what to do about it if it is happening!

Mannequins checking you out?

Would you have had ever thought that some mannequins could be watching you? Well the new Eye See mannequins can do exactly that. That is identifying the shoppers age, race, gender, number of people, and  how much time they spent around a display.  They can do this by an Italian company Almax by their facial-recognition software and Kee Square technology,  This is similar used by the police.  They have a shock proof polystyrene and one camera in an eye. They are currently trying to add microphones to them to so they can hear shoppers comments. These mannequins are sold for about five thousand one hundred and thirty dollars.  So far they have only been deployed in the United States, Canada, and Europe but many more mannequins have been requested in the United Kingdom.

I think people should care because people should know when they are being watched or when the mannequins get microphones listened too.  My opinion is that this a good thing because shops should be able to upgrade to see what people like and don’t of the merchandise.  They will probably do that by looking at the customers face for their expressions. They have suggested that the stores put up signs to notify the customers that they have been watched for however long they have been in front of the mannequin.  They will do this so the shoppers are not surprised when they find out that they have been watched for the past minutes they spent in front of the mannequin.  On the negative side there is that some people might be having a private phone call and the mannequins are watching there every move and again when they get microphones listened too.  But these mannequins will definitely chill some of the customers that walk in the doors.

An amazing giraffe!

“Who is the man in the giraffe suit” you ask well that is the good giraffe.  He is known for travelling around Scotland doing good things for others.  He has been seen in Dundee, Aberdeen, Forfar, Stonehaven, and Glasgow.

That is Armstrong Baillie thirty-two years of age. He lives in Dundee with girlfriend and her daughter and is currently unemployed.  He get’s kind donations from his drums he plays to cover the cost of travelling in Scotland.

He has handing out free bananas  and water to the runners of the Edinburgh Half Marathon, picked up trash on the Portobello Beach,  and given to the mother’s in the hospital. He is known for travelling around Scotland doing good things for others.I wonder where he will be next or do next?

Idea Hive Survey

Over the past few weeks we had to fill out a survey on Idea Hive.  There were some questions asking like what is your favourite movies and whats your favourite sport.  We got the answers of the survey from Wingam and here in Snow Lake.   We had to know find out the people from Wingham that are  most like us and that aren’t like us.

People who aren’t like me and what they like that I don’t:

Ryan M.-Likes to watch football,  plays video games, and pizza.                                                                                                                                                 Jacob C.-Likes to watch lacrosse, wants to be a electrician and farmer, wants to go to Alberta, likes pizza.                                                                        Amy R.-Likes to horesback ride, and has some cats.

People that are like me and what they like that I like:

Tamara W.-  Plays the guitar and the piano, likes to play basketball  volleyball also hockey and soccer, wants to be a doctor, best quality is sense of humour.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Kendall J.-Favourite subject math, plays the piano and guitar, likes the movie the Hunger Games, and likes to play soccer and hockey.